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(1 Pack) Night Vision Glasses

(1 Pack) Night Vision Glasses

(1 Pack) Night Vision Glasses

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Do you have a hard time driving at night? Do you find it hard to see where the road ends and where it begins?

Night driving remains the most common time for crashes to occur. Dark roads, poor weather, and terrible visibility can instantly increase your risk of an accident!

Reduce your risk of getting into an accident with these Night Vision Glasses!

The Night Vision Glasses uses yellow lenses that allows better visibility at night. You can use it while driving your car or riding your bike!

The frame is made of Polycarbonate, making it strong and durable but light and comfortable to wear.

The lens is produced using a resin that would not shatter upon impact! It also has an Anti-UV, making sure that your eyes are safe from ultraviolet radiation.

It also reduces the amount of high-beam and Xenon light passing through the lens.

The holes on the far end of the eyeglasses’ temples allow you to insert and tie a string so you can wear your eyeglasses like a necklace.

What do our customers have to say about DocuSafe?

The product is excellent! The seams are even, the zippers work properly. In a set of 4 liners with different pockets, the bag itself is roomy, the format is suitable for A4 documents, the depth did not notice, but 20 cm is exactly there.

Extremely recommend!

Susan P - 46, (Columbus, OH)

I have many different sized documents, and needed something to organize them. This is a solid and compact unit, that came with enough tabs to get the job done/ I managed to fill every one of the pockets, which should indicate how badly I needed this!

Decided 2 buy 2 more for family & friends!

Angela S - 63, (Dallas, TX)

Very durable and keeps all of my documents organized and secure. It holds a good amount of documents and comes with labels to organize them as well. I actually spilled coffee on the file and it protected all of my documents and the coffee didn't stain the folder either.


Rachel T, 58, (Tampa, FL)

I bought this product because the reviews were good, and I needed a basic filing system that would be ok to be kept in a small space but also be expandable. I have to say I have been impressed by this! As I filled up the file, firstly I became aware of the fact that its expansion is very good indeed and, even better, when I came to store it, it contracted to such an amazing extent that it took up only 5 inches in the office! Very pleased to recommend it.

Margaret F, 60, (Charlotte, NC)

A very neat and tidy product...holds a lot of papers and files as I have lots of room left over for putting things inside. The product is made of great quality and I expect this item to last longer than the one that I had previously. Item is looks just like advertised and for being so small in appearance from the outside, it actually holds quite a bit of stuff. Very happy with my purchase.

Mitchell, 51, (Atlanta, GA)
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